Rs.2,800/- for 60 Mins
Rs.20,000/- for 10 Massages of 60 Mins each
(Package valid for 6 months from date of purchase)

The Sports Therapy Massage is specifically meant for people with a sporting lifestyle and helps relieve the tensions built up in muscles that could (if left unattended) lead to injuries while playing or exercising. This is a great therapy for relieving stress built up in joints, ligaments, tendons as well as muscles.

The Sports / Deep Tissue Massage can be both preventive as well as curative. For those living a sporty and active life, it is a great way to relieve muscular stress buildup or address specific pain caused due to overuse or stress. It can also be used to drain lactic acid from your body and help improve your performance


DAYS: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
TIMINGS: 8 am to Ham & 6 pm to 9 pm
LOCATION: Mumbai (except Navi Mumbai)
THERAPIST: Male Therapist for Male Patrons & Female Therapist for Female Patrons

1) Bookings Minimum 24 hrs in advance, same day booking unavailable.
2) Your appointments are only confirmed once we have received the full payment.
3) We only have a refund policy incase you cancel the appointment 48 hrs in advance. Anything beyond that, we are not liable to refund the payment.
4) We will provide Oil, Bowl to heat the oil, White Bedsheet, Undergarment, Hot Plate.
5) Since this is a home service, we will not be able to provide a massage  table.

COVID Consideration

Keeping the times in mind, we are making sure we only take one appointment per day.
Our masseues will be wearing a face mask, a face shield, and he/she will be carrying a sanitizer with him/her at all times.
We will also provide disposable bedsheets and undergarments.