A travel enthusiast and an adventure monger by nature, Sunaina has successfully amalgamated her love for yoga with her penchant for exploring new places. This laid foundation for the 5th branch of The Sunaina Rekhi Project and that is The Retreats.


Learning and practising yoga in concrete jungles amidst the hustle bustle of the city and disturbing noises of the town are something most of us have resigned our fate to. However the same practise has a soulful impact when the ambience is of a perfect setting, be it the right sunlight, the perfect smell of dew in the morning grass or that view of the valley atop a high mountain.


Retreats are short, rejuvenating experiences/ holidays that mostly last around 5 days. The main focus of the retreats are centred around extensive yoga sessions with Sunaina however, we also include the attractive activities that the destinations have to offer, in our itineraries. And the most beautiful feather to the cap is that retreats make you meet people who become friends for a lifetime!


Sunaina picks her retreats and the destinations with utmost care and with maximum attention to the little details for a perfect experience. The idea is to not only learn and take back the skill of yoga or a flexible body, but also a rejuvenating experience that has a long lasting impression on the mind, body and soul.


In the past, Sunaina has conducted retreats in Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Vietnam. To speak of destinations closer to home, she has uniquely paired quite a few of her retreats with trekking and wildlife safaris. Sunaina has conducted retreats in Valley of Flowers/ Hemkund Sahab, Kedarkantha Peak, and the most recent one being to Pench National Park.