The Sunaina Rekhi Corporate Project is our venture to initiate awareness and conduct towards general well being for all. Considering the fast paced lives of today, people often find themselves consumed under the burden of demanding jobs or the shackles of the work-clock that leaves no time for them to invest in their wellbeing. At the face of this monotonous nature of hustle ironically however, people forget to realize that they are pushing themselves to exhaustions and burnouts without giving themselves ample air to breathe or ample care to their wellbeing.
This very problem is the backbone that made The Sunaina Rekhi Corporate Project- an expedition to make workplaces better and its employees healthier, with personal wellness being the key paramount to our approach. We offer our best, tailored and proven programs that cater to improve mental health, overall wellbeing or happiness and satisfaction in work. We are committed to alter behaviours that do not prioritize health and change not just mind-sets but lives too.
Our Goals
At The Sunaina Rekhi Corporate Project, we look at wellbeing in the most holistic way possible with our mission to cover all aspects of physical, mental, emotional, environmental, cultural and occupational wellbeing. We strive to make relationships better. We further ensure to deliver employees with a better performance and optimized zeal after they enrol with us. We constantly try to bring in the importance of health and raise awareness about the need to finally focus and strive for the same. Our goal is to ensure a good living- both personally and professionally.
Our primary focus areas are-
• To improve health behaviours
• To improve employee retention
• To reduce risks of diseases
• To increase employee engagement
• To improve employee morale
• To reduce health care costs of companies
The Problem Areas in Corporates
With our vision to come up with the best, we have identified the key concern areas in the corporate world of today that cause a drop in wellness of its employees. We have identified another set of problems that need to be tackled tofurther, bringthe best for corporateemployees.
The nature of work that corporates count on can get monotonous and inflexible in many cases. With strict work hours, very repetitive goals and outputs and multiple deadline- employees easily find themselves losing enthusiasm and energy to perform. Studies point out how 85% of employees at workplaces are disengaged at work. With no excitement, the outputs turn out as boring and dull. This goes on to reduce not just performance, but creativity and inputs from their side. In the other case scenario,  when employees perform vigorously keeping up with all these expectations, they eventually end up exhausting themselves to a state of burnout. From there, performance lays far!
Studies further point out how 53% of employees at workplaces face financial struggles of some sort. Stress adds up to be a huge factor contributing to shatter wellbeing in general and thus employees are bound to be weighed down upon by stress from financial constraints that are already taking a toll on their mental health. In such cases, a work sphere that cares about their health can be no less that a boon for them.
76% of people working in corporates already suffer physical ailments of some kind. They live with the stress of bad physical health and diseases. In this case too, dissatisfaction in work only adds to their already worsening health and head space.
20% of employees already suffer from mental health challenges that they subdue everyday and show up for work. In appreciation of the strength, corporates can take a step to gratify this, and take as much as little steps to ensure good things for their workforces. Sadly however, assurances of wellbeing for employees lay more in promises than in action.
Our Solutions to the Problems
We decided to take a step front to provide for solutions to all these problems. We value mental health and overall wellbeing and are trying to spread the word in the same regard.
• We have created a set of customized programs for corporates that tailors around individual work spheres and flexibly fits into all individual workplace requirements , but delivering the same results of a boosted performance and productivity and happier employees.
•The Corporate Project has a list of high intensity engaging activities for employees that not only aid to better health but increase cohesion and cooperation between employees- both being very important skill sets for professionals.
• We have made an extremely effective questionnaire that we call the “WellnessAssessment Questionnaire”. This specifically aims to bring out individual employee's problems and stressors that we identify and later work on. The specific targeting ensures the high optimization of our process.
• We have our customized wellness calendar that not only plans our way to wellness but ensure consistency in our process to deliver. Our calendar is made under expert guidance and proves to be a very effective tool to help us proceed.

Wellness Programs
• Yoga classes - yoga and meditation is an extremely effective stress reliever. Yoga is an effective way to incorporate self-care into work, so that team members don’t have to feel guilty about neglecting work.
• Employee assistance programs - Employees who need extra assistance outside the workplace get the help they need to perform their best. By providing extra support initiatives, organizations can communicate a certain level of empathy and support for their people, thus boosting satisfaction and confidence between the employer and the employee.
• Wellness adventures - Hosting wellness adventures is great fun for everyone. Remember, not everyone is able to participate in all physically active events. Scheduling a wide range of monthly events can let those who get their exercise in elsewhere or who aren’t very active at all to join in. It appeals to more people cause it focuses on fun first rather than exercise.
Studies say that the investment to return ratio for something as significant as employee wellness is 1:6. This provides for enough reason why an investment in this dimension should be a considerable prospect for corporates. We only wish that the future ensures as “Well N Wise” employees as profit optimizing ones!